Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 26th September 2012 Written Update

At the airport, vikram and neha arrives Mumbai. Both get worried for ram and thinks why did he get shocked and what was the reason behind. Both start to the hospital from there. Ram in the hospital hears a baby crying and wakes up. In another room, priya delivers a baby and will be talking to the baby and tells her name is peehu. Ram will be watching them beside and watching them. Later priya will be asking the baby to call moma and ram asking the baby to call papa. Again priya will be getting ready peehu for her school and tells its her first day of school and she would be with her daughter. Ram comes out of the dream as a person will be calling him. That person tells his family members are waiting for him. So ram says he would come out and meet them. Doc comes to priya and aayesha and tells not to strain ram. Aayesha taunts priya saying ram cannot be made upset and he is in this stage because of her so she should go in. priya remains upset. Kirishna ji gets the call that ram has woke up. All feel happy for him. Aayesha calls shipra and tells the whole thing happened in the hospital. Shipra consoles aayesha and tells she would come to the hospital now.

Ram comes into a room where all kapoors and sharma’s waiting. When Krishna ji tries to talk to ram he denies. He asks Krishna ji to go out and send priya alone and he wants to talk to her alone. Neha and vikram arrive to the hospital. Priya and neha meet each other. Both feel happy. A person comes there and tells ram wants to meet priya alone. Priya rushes near the room where all will be standing. Aayesha looks on priya angrily. Shipra tells priya, ram kapoor wants to meet you alone. Priya nods and leaves. priya feels very happy and walks on. (BALH background music running behind) Priya enters the room and calls Mr. kapoor ? priya closes the door. Ram turns back and walks near to priya. Now priya comes out of her dream and walks to the room.

Priya enters the room and calls Mr. kapoor ? priya closes the door. Ram says, come priya. what do you want? Coffee or soft drink? Priya wonders and replies, I know you are very angry with me. Ram says, you dint answer me. What will you take? Priya replies, please listen to me I don’t want anything. Ram says, if I finish the formalities I would tell you some thing. Now I wanna say is I will send papers to your home and just sign them. Priya says, yes I know after what I have done I should get divorce only. Ram replies angrily, since 5 years we are not together and no marriage has come in between so how do I ask you divorce. I told the papers related to peehu whom I will take away. Priya’s eyes fills with tears. Priya asks what are you talking. Custody of peehu? She is my life. In these 5 years I was living looking you in her. She is my daughter. Ram again asks, she is your daughter? She is no where related to me? Priya says, no she is our baby. I know I have done a big mistake that day, I thought you will move on in your life. There was no one with me to guide me. I am very sorry. Ram angrily says, sorry is a very simple words priya. I believed you a lot. When everyone believed that you are dead, I kept you alive for these many years. But now you have killed me. My priya has lied with me. She has cheated me. Now I will live for my daughter and you should give her to me. Priya apologizes. Ram says, ok then give me those 5 years back to me from the day peehu is born as I was not with her, she talked for the 1st time as I was not with her, 1st time she talked some thing. Don’t come near to me. I hate you now. You have seen my love till now and from now you will see my anger. I will drag you to court and just give away my daughter. Priya crying loud tries to stop ram but Ram opens the door and walks out. Doc stops ram and asks him to be in hospital for some more days. Ram gets hyper and says do you know with whom you are talking with? If I need any treatment hospital can come to my home. Send all the details with my wife aayesha. Ram looks at priya and walks off taking aayesha. Proud aayesha happily goes away with ram. Priya cries aloud.