Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 20th September 2012 Written Update

Mama ji asks aayesha to meet ram once but she denies. Priya asks rajat to inform ram’s family members about his health and tells she would leave from here now. But rajat exlains priya not to leave ram once again and make their life miserable once again and they need not bear the departing pain once again.

Priya recalls rajat’s words. Peehu will be with ram. Krishna ji, nats, dadi, shipra come to ram’s room but peehu stops them. Peehu tells not to disturb her dad. Krishna ji tells not to call some one as her dad. Peehu tells no my mama tells golu uncle is my dad. Krishna ji asks to show her mother. Priya who is outside the room over hears nurse discussing to give insulin to ram. Priya scolds that nurse telling ram is allergic to insulin. So the nurse goes to the doc. Peehu comes to priya and tells, mama these people are not believing me when I told them golu uncle is my dad. Priya turns back and looks at all the ladies. All get shocked to see priya after so many years. Reshab takes away peehu from there. Sudhir too looks on priya shockingly.

Priya tells, I know you all have so many questions about me. Where was I am for these many years? Why dint she inform everyone that I am alive. I am sorry for hiding that I am alive. I thought ram had moved on. If I am in jail ram will be same. After the accident when I came to kapoor mansion I saw every one believed that I am dead. I thought if I come back ram would never move on. So I left this place. You all thought I am dead. When I went to Dubai I came to know I was pregnant. I thought of sharing this news with you all. I have called you all and even ram too. But it was my destiny that I couldn’t say anyone about this good news. When peehu was born I was very happy and at the same time sad. I missed you all. Because of ram I never tried to talk to you all. After 5 years ram has come to Dubai. I thought of saying every thing to ram but couldn’t. I came to know that ram got married to aayesha. I felt very bad. I thought it might be a strong reason behind his marriage. Ram and peehu met so many times. Peehu tells me golu uncle is same as me. I used to feel to say ram that peehu is your daughter. I know it was my mistake. I am in front of you now and you can say anything to me. But please don’t tell anything bad before ram. Doc told ram shouldn’t get stressed. I couldn’t even wish ram about our anniversary. Once ram gets fine we shall talk about this clearly. I am very sorry. Priya cries.

Sudhir walks off from there silently. Priya follows him. Priya tells, papa please don’t be silent. Please talk to me. I am so sorry. Peehu comes to priya and tells, mama I am hungry. Peehu looks at sudhir and asks you were that park uncle na. sudhir says yes bĂȘte. I kept that ganapathi idol in my home. Peehu tells, you know my mother prepared it. Her father has taught her. Sudhir tells, yes I will taught u too. I am your dada. I am your moma’s father. Sudhir takes peehu and walks away. Shipra hugs priya and both cry. Shipra tells, its ok bĂȘte we shall go home now. Priya smiles crying.

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