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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 17th July 2012 Episode Written Update

Ram and rajat comes to priya’s book store. Priya will be counting the books some where. Ram finds bade ache lagte hain books and wonders. Rajat tells, yes the lady who takes care of this shop reads this books. 5 years back she has come to me and I gave this book shop to her. She doesn’t pay the rent regularly and gives explanations for every mistake etc. she believes in this writer anjan. These books are trash. Love is not like as they write.” Ram takes about 10 books in hand and tells rajat, “if I buy these books then they will once again put for sale and more books will be sold.” Ram puts a good amount of money on the desk and comes out. Ram gives away those books to the people around freely. Ram says rajat, “your problem is not the lady in fact your thinking is your problem. Love will be same as they say. You and me both lost our love but still I believe in love and you don’t. Because I loved a lady like priya and you dint. But you too have a chance to feel it again.”

Priya comes to the billing desk and finds the money on the table. She doubts who has kept the money here. She again finds that few books of bade ache lagte hain are not in their place. She guesses that some angel has come and bought these books. She thanks him whole heartedly. On the other hand ram will be distributing the books to everyone. Rajat will be standing beside him uninterested. Priya prays, “Please god send another angel so that the rent money will be done”.
Peehu and ragy will be distributing the “sale” papers to everyone. They find some lucky dip box. Peehu gives an idea that they should add their name too. Peehu writes her name and drops the paper in the box.

In Mumbai, aayesha will be tensed about the party. She does some yoga. Mrs. Kapoor, soumya and khush will be having dinner. Khush accidently throws some curry on aayesha’s saree. Soumya places the saree in aayesha’s room and walks away. Aayesha gets angry and orders another dress.

Rajat leaves saying he has some work from ram. Soumya calls ram and asks hows is he and when he is coming back. Ram says he would come soon. Rajat comes to priya’s shop. He seriously says, I think you are very happy as your books got sold out. Priya wonders how did he know. Rajat again says, “it’s the same person to whom you should have shown the mall. Mrs sharma please don’t give any stupid explanations. No one will be in the billing counter and don’t pay the rent properly.” Priya says I guess as today in the remaining 5days too books get sold and I can pay your rent. Rajat degrades priya’s confidence. While rajat leaves priya stops him and says, I guess you are an unhappy man. You have everything but still you are not happy. I guess I live in dreams. But I have a reason to smile. Its because of my daughter. Before 5 years everything was dead. I lived for my daughter. But you don’t have any reason. As you have helped me I want to help you now. If you have love in your life then you can understand about life. Read this book written by some anjaan. Life is not to understand, life should be experienced”. Rajat takes the book angrily and leaves. Rajat looks priya from outside and thinks how she can be happy though she has so many problems ahead.