Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th June 2012 Episode Written Update

In short:
Ahem clears anitha that he doesn’t love her anymore and he is happy with gopi. Koki angrily says anitha to leave modi bhawan and ahem forever and ever. Koki appreciates rashi for helping to bring change in gopi. Anitha packs her things to leave. Gopi asks her to stay back but anitha says she is feeling guilty and she should leave. Gopi asks ahem to think some thing so that they can help anitha. Koki, rashi, hetal and gopi shocks looking anitha leaving with suitcase.

Detailed Update:

Koki asks anitha, when you love ahem why dint you jump in to fire when he was suffering inside. If you have loved him you would have jumped inside. But you were far away from the fire. My gopi has jumped into fire to save her life and love. Gopi has loved ahem and you were acting as you loved ahem. Anitha yells no I love ahem. But suddenly we hear ahem’s voice, enough anitha.

Ahem comes downstairs. Ahem says, why u did this. I believed you. Anitha says I have done this because I love u. ahem yells again, I thank god that I went in to kitchen if gopi had gone what would have happened. I hate you now. You and me were a past story. Ahem grabs gopi’s hand and stands beside her. He again says anitha, I am happy with gopi and I don’t love you. Anitha stands still shocked. Ahem says, I felt bad as your marriage got broken and now I hate u. anitha keeps on crying. Ahem leaves from there.

Anitha brakes down. Koki says anitha to make you understand this I have allowed you to stay here. To achieve a competition you have made such a big mistake. Being a wife is not easy. Now you stay away from my family and my ahem. Do not repeat this mistake again in your life. Koki and all leave from there except gopi. Gopi will be staring at anitha but anitha gets up and rushes to her room.

Rashi will be trying to call urmi but urmi doesn’t take her call. Koki comes there. Koki asks rashi now you need to prepare food rather calling your mom. Now you stop this and start working. Rashi says, anitha has created a big disaster in our home. How evil she is. Koki says, yes she has done but from this a great change in gopi. Now she learnt that she should change herself immediately when situation demands. But one thing I should accept, you too have helped in changing gopi’s mentality. So I appreciate you that you too are changing. Now don’t be over happy and become as you were before. Meeti and hetal also come there. Rashi asks koki, now what shall we do about anitha. Koki replies, we shall think about it. After cleaning you go and bring a stove from store room and cook food. Rashi nods.  

Anitha starts packing her clothes and recalls ahem’s words. She feels guilty about whatever she has done with gopi. Gopi comes there and finds anitha packing her clothes. Gopi comes inside and asks why are you packing your things. Anitha says, how can I stay here after this big mistake. Gopi feels bad for her and asks why to leave. Anitha feels guilty and says I cant still feel guilty by staying. Please leave me alone. Gopi calmly leaves.

Ahem in his room. he throws away a book in anger. Gopi comes there. She gives the book back to him. When she was leaving ahem grabs her hand and asks to sit. Ahem says, I am sorry for everything which anitha has done. Gopi says its okay and I believe you a lot. But anitha is not well. I feel bad for her. She is packing her things now. But here she doesn’t know anyone. So we should help her. Ahem doesn’t bother about anitha. Ahem wonders when gopi asks we should help her.

All the ladies working in the kitchen.  Hetal asks koki what we shall decide about anitha. You should decide about her as soon as possible. Koki also says yes we should think about her. Rashi shows everyone anitha coming downstairs with a suitcase.

Gopi wonders looking at the saree which ahem has brought her is thrown away. Ahem says I have thrown it. As it got burnt. But gopi says, no ahem ji, it’s very precious to me as you have bought it for me.