Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 19th June 2012 Episode Written Update

Sid tells niharika that he is going to plan to murder ram so that the whole property becomes theirs and priya will be in jail forever. Niharika gets shocked with his plan. She tries to explain sid that ram has done so much for them and they shouldn’t kill him for property. But sid doesn’t listen to her. He walks away and niharika remains speechless.

Ram’s car passes through a lorry and the driver informs sid that their plan will be accomplished. The truck hits the car. Sid reaches hospital. He thinks ram got expired and feels happy. Reshab hugs sid and cries. Sid too acts as if he is worried about ram. Sid walks to the room. he finds ram walking out of the room. sid shocks looking at ram. Ram informs sid that mom is inside. Sid wonders how did this happen. Ram tells mom was in that car. Doc informs sid and ram that niharika will breathe her last in few moments.

Sid rushes to niharika. Niharika feels guilty that she was wrong about ram. Till now she was just acting as she is really concerned about ram but ram wasn’t like that. He was true to her. And till now she was taking care of her. I have explained a lot to you but you dint listen to me. You have planned to kill ram but I felt guilty about me so I sat in the car and sent ram in another car. Later niharika breathes her last. Sid and ram feel bad for her. Sid walks away from there. Ram remains glum there.

Nats takes a call. Nats gets shattered after listening to the news. Sudhir comes there and takes the call and reshab informs about niharika’s death. Karthik holds nats and nats gets shattered. Sudhir and karthik consoles nats. Mama ji in niharika’s room. Mama ji cries for niharika. He feels bad that she left him alone. He calls sid. Sid in some room fully drunken. Mama ji wonders how he is talking. Mama ji asks sid to come home. But sid denies him as niharika has revealed the truth that he has tried to kill him. So now ram will be planning to take revenge on him. And he is not going to come. Mama ji tries to convince sid to come back. But sid denies and asks mama ji not to call him again. Mama ji feels guilty about their mistake how they cheated ram and supported niharika’s own kids but now ram is doing everything for them.

Priya in jail talking to neha. She feels bad for ram. Priya asks neha to take her to ram as he needs support.