Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 25 May 2012

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th May 2012 Episode Written Update

Ahem leaves and when koki follows him hetal stops her. Hetal consoles koki that ahem cannot be wrong, he doesn’t talk anything without any reason. Koki replies I should know that reason anyhow. He should help me and support me in anitha’s marriage. Anyways I want to stay alone for some time. Hetal agrees and takes away jigar from there. Koki turns back and orders few work to gopi and rashi. All others leave. Anitha feels happy. Rashi and urmi doubts what anitha has told ahem that he cancelled the marriage.

Anitha goes to koki who is in the garden. Anitha tries to console koki but koki doubts that anitha has come here to speak something. Koki asks anitha to speak out clearly what she wants to say. Anitha says, I don’t want to hurt u aunty. Ahem should have expressed his feelings to u before when u have fixed his marriage with gopi. Now see how his life got spoiled. Ahem and gopi isn’t happy with each other. But koki interrupts and says they are happy. Anitha replies, then why ahem has cancelled this marriage without saying any reason. Urmi says yes because you have cooked some story to ahem and he believed u.

Koki wonders and asks how u know about this. Urmi says when u has sent her to talk with aravind she went to talk to ahem. Anitha says, aravind has accepted for marriage and me too. Ahem still loves me that’s why he cancelled this marriage. Koki yells at anitha stop it. Urmi supports koki saying, anitha you should be thankful to koki that she brought u home after your marriage break up with nilesh but u are speaking so rudely with her. Koki says anitha, you weren’t my choice for ahem any time. Gopi is the right girl for him that’s why I have married my son to her. I wasn’t wrong about this decision. Anitha says ahem doesn’t feel so. Koki says I don’t accept this. I know very well about my son and he is very happy with his marriage. Anitha says I too know him very well. Urmi supports koki but anitha doesn’t accept. So koki says I will prove that gopi is the right person for ahem and she is the best dil. And I am challenging you about this.

Anitha also challenges that ahem still loves me. Koki asks whether she is ready for the challenge and anitha says yes. Anitha leaves. Urmi says koki you should have thrown out this girl from your house. Koki says no I will prove before anitha that she is wrong. Urmi says I will be with you in this matter. Koki taunts urmi that she know very well how much love she has for gopi and she doesn’t do anything in which she gains some profit. Koki asks urmi to leave now but urmi cooks up a story that they had a pesticide spray in their house so she came here to stay for some time. And koki agrees.

Urmi tells rashi about koki challenging anitha. Meeti comes there with pressed clothes. Rashi asks where is kaki ji and gopi? Meeti says when she saw they both were going to anitha’s room. After meeti leaves both urmi and rashi try to listen whats going on inside anitha’s room but they couldn’t. Koki tells anitha and gopi that, anitha feels she is right for modi family. But I know very well who the best is. And I want to clear this misunderstanding. So in this competition you should gain more blessings and gifts from all the family members. Who collects more will be the winner. And for this you both have 2hours of time. Koki leaves. Anitha smiles at gopi and leaves. Gopi looks on confused.