Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd May 2012 Episode Written Update

Koki and pundit are sitting in the hall. Koki will be asking details of alliances for anitha. Here ahem is having breakfast and gopi serving him. Ahem tries to talk to her but she doesn’t respond so ahem remains clam. Pundit tells about a good alliance. Ahem finishes breakfast and walks to koki. Koki shows a picture to ahem and asks him about his opinion. Anitha and rashi come downstairs. Ahem says it will be fine as she wishes and leaves to office. Anitha gets worried listening to his decision. Gopi follows ahem and gives the hanky to him. Ahem thanks her. Rashi gives a sign about her promise to gopi. Ahem tries to talk to gopi but she walks off from there. Ahem gets hurt and goes away. Koki shows the picture to anitha and asks about her opinion but anitha remains clam. Rashi tries to convince anitha. Koki says anitha that she should meet him once and the final decision will be yours, no one will force u. anitha accepts.

Rashi asks koki to call the groom’s family home as soon as possible. So koki asks pundit to call mehta’s home in the evening. Pundit leaves. Rashi feels very much excited about anitha’s marriage which irritates anitha. Koki scolds sweetly to rashi not to get excited much. Koki leaves from there to bhaa’s room. anitha too leaves giving a tough look at rashi.

Bhaa and hetal likes the groom. Bha asks koki are we doing this marriage in a hurry. Koki replies, before anitha does some wrong thing we should take care that we shouldn’t hide anything from the groom’s family.

Gopi in mandir. She thanks khana ji for giving a nice groom for anitha. Rashi replies, gopi dikra thank your sister rashi who has helped you in this matter and she is very much concerned about u. Gopi goes behind the khana ji’s statue and finds rashi. Rashi asks whether she is happy and gopi says yes I am. Both feel happy. Gopi asks rashi permission to talk to ahem but rashi denies. Rashi asks gopi to help her in selecting a good saree and jewellary for anitha. Gopi says ok. Both ladies pray to khana ji and leave.

Rashi informs urmi that anitha’s marriage on phone. Urmi doubts that anitha can do anything to break the marriage. Urmi asks rashi that she would come there to help her but rashi denies. Rashi hangs the call. But urmi decides that she would definitely go to modi bhawan with some reason.

Anitha denies rashi and gopi to help her in getting ready. Rashi convinces anitha in wearing the same saree which she throws away and insults rashi. Hetal comes there and appreciates about the saree. She asks anitha to wear that saree itself. Hetal leaves. Though rashi insists anitha to help her in getting ready anitha denies. So Rashi and gopi leave from there.

Urmi will be standing before the modi bhawan’s gate. The Mehta family arrives. Urmi welcomes them inside. Urmi thinks the groom is beautiful and she should settle this match for anitha. Koki opens the door and gets shocked looking at urmi with Mehta family.

Koki says she would inform pundit to finish this marriage as soon as possible but ahem says no. Anitha feels happy and remaining all get shocked.