Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd May 2012 Episode Written Update

Gopi is upset thinking she has hurt ahem. She takes her mobile to call ahem. Ahem driving his car. He stops the car and thinks to call gopi but cuts it. Gopi connects the call but rashi comes there and cuts the call. Gopi says I have listened to u till now. From morning I dint talk to ahem ji, its now evening if I don’t call him he may get hurt. Rashi lets her gopi to sit on jhoola and ties up gopi’s hands and legs with a saree.

Door bell rings and meeti opens the door. Ahem comes in. ahem asks for gopi and meeti says they are in work. While getting upstairs gopi calls him but rashi shuts her up. Ahem turns back and looks for her, later he walks off as he doesn’t find her. Rashi says I will not allow u to ur room till u don’t listen to me. Ahem in his room, he calls gopi but there will be no response. Gopi promises rashi that she will listen to her and she would not accept ahem’s sorry and doesn’t talk to him. Rashi feels happy and says its all for your sake to help u from anitha. Rashi unties gopi. Rashi again reminds her promise and leaves from there.  

Koki in her room and rashi comes there. Koki asks what she has done till now. Rashi says she hasn’t allowed gopi not to talk to ahem. Koki gets angry and says if your plan gets spoiled I will not leave u. Rashi says ok and leaves from there. Rashi walks to gopi who is going to her room; rashi reminds her promise and allows gopi to go to her room. Gopi comes into her room and finds ahem is in washroom so she walks to bed and lies. Later ahem comes out of wash room and finds gopi on bed. He calls her but gopi doesn’t wake up. Ahem too goes to his couch and sleeps. Rashi feels happy that her plan got succeeded. While rashi going away to her room she finds anitha going to ahem’s room. She thinks of telling it to gopi but gopi’s cell is with her so she follows her. Anitha knocks the door and ahem opens the door. Gopi too wakes up.

Anitha says, are u sleeping ahem. Sorry for disturbing u. actually I was not feeling sleepy so I thought of having gossip for some time. Gopi u can sleep and sorry to disturb u. Gopi gets up and says anitha ben, ahem ji has some work tomorrow and me too not feeling sleepy. So I will accompany u. anitha says its ok. Ahem says gopi to gossip with anitha and walks off to sleep. Rashi happily comes to them and says I too was not feeling sleepy. We 3 shall gossip there. All 3 ladies sat in anitha’s room. rashi tells about their Switzerland tour. Anitha makes fun of rashi and rashi feels uncomfortable. Anitha thinks they have spoiled her plan so she shouldn’t let them sleep. Rashi gets up angrily and leaves saying she would bring tea for everyone. Gopi says she too will go with rashi.

Gopi and rashi come out. Rashi says she would add few sleeping pills in anitha’s tea but gopi says its wrong. So she would bring a book and read for anitha so that she can feel sleepy. Rashi again goes to anitha’s room. anitha asks where is the tea. Rashi says if they have tea they will not feel sleepy for longtime so gopi is bringing a book for them gopi comes there and starts reading a book and both anitha, rashi feels asleep. When gopi finds anitha slept she wakes up rashi and both leave from there.

Next day, rashi comes to anitha’s room and tries to wake up but anitha doesn’t wake up. Rashi forcefully wakes up anitha and tells she has a surprise for her.

Gopi gives hanky to ahem. Rashi gives a sign to gopi that she has promised her. Gopi nods. When ahem tries to talk with gopi she leaves from there. Ahem looks on upset at her.