Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 30 March 2012

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th March 2012 Episode Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th March 2012 Episode Written Update

Rashi and gopi in kitchen, Rashi asks gopi to give rakesh bhai’s phone number. Gopi calmly gives the number. Rashi says gopi that she should talk to her as she is her sister but gopi doesn’t bother her words and just leaves. Rashi comes out and calls rakesh. She orders bhees kilos of laddu. Meeti comes and asks how much she should order gehu. Rashi says bhees kilos in one plate. Rakesh bhai thinks its bhees kilo one laddu. Koki comes there and gives some coconut laddus to rashi. She tells that she and hetal are leaving to mandir and to come mandir when laddus come from sweet shop. Koki warns rashi to order gas cylinder too. Koki leaves from there.

Door bell rings and rashi, gopi come down. Rashi opens the door. A person from rakesh sweet shop comes with a big laddu. Rashi and gopi wonders. Rashi tells the person that she dint order this. Meeti also comes there. Meeti says she heard rashi giving order. Rashi gives a tough look at meeti and she becomes clam. Rashi tries to defend herself that she dint order one laddu and asks him to bring laddus. The person says he cant as he need to deliver other sweets in many places. Rashi calls rakesh bhai and tells the person came with one bhees kilo laddu. Rakesh bhai defends himself that he was sure and he cant take away. Rashi says she would not pay the money but rakesh bhai says they should pay the bill and disconnects. Rashi gets worried. 

In mandir, hetal and koki waiting for their bahus. Pundit asks koki whether their family members have come or not. Koki asks him to wait as their bahus will come now with bhog. Hetal calls rashi. Here at home the person will be forcing to pay the bill. Rashi takes the call. Hetal asks about bhog laddus and rashi says they have come. Hetal asks rashi to bring laddus as soon as possible to mandir and dc. Rashi asks gopi any suggestion. Gopi thinks for a while and asks the person to bring this laddu out. After coming out of the house, Rashi asks the person to deliver till mandir. Gopi also pleads him but rashi demands that he should deliver till mandir. The person scolds rashi and tells them to take the laddu and not to blame him for their mistake. 

Rashi and gopi waiting outside. The gas person comes with the cylinder. Rashi gets some call. Its koki. Koki scolds where they are. Rashi tells her that they are on the way. Rashi dc. Rashi asks the gas person to take this laddu till mandir. Gopi tells him that this laddu is the Prasad of rama and they need to go for pooja. Jigar calls rashi and asks where they are and rashi replies they are o the way. The gas person agrees to deliver the laddu. Both rashi, gopi and laddu sit in the trolley. Rashi prays god rama to save her on his birthday.

Koki is waiting for their bahus. Savitha comes and wishes koki, hetal. Savitha taunts koki that without having any drama no festival ends. Koki also taunts back that she will be ever interested in watching whats happening in others life. Savitha gets the point and leaves. Ahem calls gopi. Gopi says they are on the way but ahem doubts that there might be some problem. But gopi dc the call saying she is unable to hear. Rashi gets tensed. Rashi and gopi reach mandir. All the other people wonder to see the big laddu. Rashi asks the gas person to take the laddu inside. But the person asks to pay something as he brought the laddu here. Gopi gives money and they leave. Koki looks at the laddu and shocks. She shows everyone. Everyone is shocked.

Koki asks rashi that she has ordered the laddu so she will go inside the mandir with the laddu alone.